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Bullet's 2011 All Conference Picks and More

Posted on: August 2, 2011 7:03 pm
It's August, and when August rolls around I start getting antsy for college football.  I tried to see in to the future last year, and pick who I thought would win each conference.  I have to honestly admit, I missed a few.  However this year, I'm aiming for perfection.  So here we go.

ACC:  Florida State.  This FSU team seems energized to me, with their new head coach.  He obviously has these guys highly motivated, and I have a feeling FSU is well on their way to dominating the ACC once again.  It begins this year.  Toughest conference opponent: Miami.

Big 12:  Oklahoma.  Oklahoma will face every Big 12 member this season, and their only obstacle will be Texas.  Texas will be hungry after a mediocre 5-7 season in 2010, so the Sooners will need to prepare well for their annual clash with the Longhorns.  I think Oklahoma will be just a bit too much for the Longhorns, and will end up 9-0 in conference play.  Toughest conference opponent:  Texas.

Big East:  Pittsburgh.  West Virginia fans might think I'm smoking something with this pick, especially when Pitt must travel to Morgantown to face WVU.  There's no doubt both of these teams will be the leading contenders, but I believe the Panthers will pull off the upset to win the conference crown.  Toughest conference opponent: West Virginia

Big 10:  Ohio State.  Go ahead and call me a "homer".  If I was a Michigan fan, I'd still put my money on Ohio State in 2011.  With all of the off-season turmoil endured by the team and fans, that very turmoil will be used as motivation for another great season.  Luke Fickel has taken complete charge, and is implementing his way of doing business.  I happen to like it...a lot.  Ohio State has all of it's toughest division games at home, and they've been underestimated by the media during the spring and summer, especially the defense.  A team with this much talent, and a "Us against the world" mentality could be very dangerous.  Unless the NCAA sanctions their postseason, the Buckeyes will be playing in the inaugural Big 10 Championship.  Toughest conference opponent: Wisconsin.

PAC 12:  Stanford.  Many expect Oregon to win the conference in 2011, but I believe Andrew Luck and Co. will be on a mission this season.  Revenge is sweet, and they get it done at home versus Oregon.  Toughest conference opponent:  Oregon.

SEC:  Alabama.  The Tide's defense will be key this season.  This group (most of them) have a year of experience under their belts and it pays off in a huge way this year.  Regardless of the personnel losses from the 2010 campaign, this Alabama squad is extremely talented.  The offense will need to work on chemistry early, but I don't see any issues as they press forward into the meat of their conference schedule.  The defense will lead the way to an undefeated conference season.  Toughest conference opponent: LSU

Real quick with the non-AQ conferences:

Sunbelt: Troy
WAC:  Fresno State
CUSA:  Southern Mississippi
MAC:  Toledo

MWC: TCU.  I'm going to discuss this one, since Boise State is in the mix here.  TCU lost some key players on both sides of the ball, however I still think there's enough talent to win a very tough game at Boise State.  Boise State will be breaking in a couple of new receivers, and that's not always an easy task for even a veteran QB.  I loved watching the TCU-Boise State bowl games, and there's no doubt this game at Boise will be another treat.  TCU will have better talent overall, and should edge Boise State for the MWC crown.  Could go either way though.

Now, based on my predictions above, here are my anticipated BCS bowl matchups:

Rose: Ohio State versus Stanford
Sugar: LSU versus TCU
Fiesta: Wisconsin versus Texas
Orange: Florida State versus Pittsburgh
BCS National Championship: Oklahoma versus Alabama
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